Dominated by a Billionaire - Part 6 - Emma M. Green

Dominated by a Billionaire - Part 6

By Emma M. Green

  • Release Date: 2014-04-14
  • Genre: Thriller


Once love is out in the open, it is more vulnerable than ever. Alma is going to learn that sooner than she thought… 
Adversity shows up in all shapes and sizes. First, there is the unfathomable Zoey, Mr. King’s new assistant, who doesn’t seem completely impartial. Then, there’s the mysterious writer of poison-pen letters who tries to create conflict between the lovers. And last but not least: there’s Katarina Monkov who, right from the start, has been acting in the shadow of her cruel and ruthless father. From Paris to Las Vegas, Vadim and Alma do their best to cope and not give in to the pressure.
In this sixth volume of the series Dominated by a Billionaire, appearances are not always what they seem…